Wednesday, 25 July 2012

stars and stripes

 vest;Topshop shorts(really old); Topshop necklace;Urban Outfitters
First of all apologies for how extra blurry and awful these photos are today compared to normal. I have finally got my hands on a canon 35od but I can't really use it for my blog until I have a tripod, and I can't get one of those until I'm in Germany because I don't know how I'll get it there. Anyway..

Today has been one of those days where I've kind of pottered about not really knowing what to do with  myself. When all of your friends have full time jobs and those that don't have no money and are in masses of student debt, (myself included) it's hard trying to organise something that we can do together. In this weather I just want to sit outside and drink pimms all day but obviously that comes at some cost and I can't really be getting drunk before work.

My general routine is kind of gym in the morning, mill around for a bit and then go to work in the evening but for some reason today I'm just BORED and I'm not going to work for another 3 hours, shoot me. I'm going on holiday on Sunday and have tons of stuff to sort out for Germany so I could start packing and get myself organised but I can't be bothered for that now so I'll continue being bored and moaning about it :).

I'm also aware I desperately need to choose a new font for my blog title, it's currently just the standard one that came with the layout and is so uninspiring and quite frankly crap. I just have no idea how I want it, any suggestions are welcome!

This is what I'm wearing today, just incase there is the possibility I leave the house before I have to go to work (probably not). 

Rozi xo


  1. Great outfit sweetie :) those shorts are sooo pretty and thanks for the helpfull asos tip I will for sure take a little looksie :)


  2. You look gorgeous! Love the socks with the Converse. I got a cheap tripod from Argos and it folds up tiny and is really light, fits in a suitcase easy peasy!

  3. Soo gorgeous!! How nice are your legs??? Lucky girl xx

  4. gorgeous outfit, love the shorts <3