Saturday, 7 July 2012


top;Topshop cardigan;H&M discopants; American Apparel necklace;New Look

bits and bobs from Primark (tags are still on sorry was in a rush!)

Apologies in advance for the mega long post, I've had a mega long day!

Yep, the disco pants are out again - I know! They're the only thing I actually want to wear with the weather being so horrible! I am SO fed up of this torrential rain, it feels like it's never ending. 

I wore this today on a bit of a spontaneous shopping trip to the Bullring in Birmingham with mummy bear. It wasn't completely spontaneous, I'd actually ordered a shirt to be delivered to Zara and hoped it was there to pick up today but unfortunately it wasn't which means I'm going to have to trek all the way to Birmingham again next week to pick it up. Annoying, but nevertheless we had a really nice day wandering around! 

I feel like a complete pig, as you can probably see from my Instagram.. We stopped at M&S mid morning for tea and scones and then went to Pizza Express for lunch where I had wine and a dessert and then popped into Starbucks just before getting on the train. I do feel it's kind of justified though as I got my exam results through yesterday and got 76% in the exam I was most worried about failing and an average of 67% for second year, yippee!

I also treated myself to a few bits (obviously), and managed to spend loads of money in Topshop and Primark. I was actually pretty shocked though at the lack of summer stuff around, H&M had virtually no swimwear or sandals and neither did anywhere else for that matter which I find odd as we're only in the first week of July and people still have holidays to go on?! But anyway, I've attached just a quick snapshot of what I picked up in Primark as I love the bag (it's got studs on <3) and I absolutely love the white sandals with the perspex strip and the tassels on the back, they look way more Topshop than Primark and they were £6 instead of a tenner, such a bargain! I also got my first Topshop lipstick in Satorial which I can't wait to try as I've heard such rave reviews about their lipstick, being a bit of a MAC snob when it comes to lipstick hopefully it will live up to my expectations. 

I then returned home to a package on the doorstep containing the Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' mini collection which I can't wait to use and will definitely blog about it when I get round to using it! Because of my job I can't wear nail polish so I might not be using it until my holiday but the colours are amazing and will be perfect for a week in sunny Spain! 

Anyway just a final note on my stressful evening at work, I've just about had it with customers who moan about everything and anything just to really get one up on you. Tonight, I had a woman clearly with a serious case PMS (who even moaned about the carpets being too spongy), who sat and took the piss out of myself and the other girl I was working with (behind our backs) to the point where the tables around her told us how malicious she was being about us and congratulated us for keeping a smile and not telling her to F off. Seriously, why do people feel the need to moan about everything? Surely it takes more effort to moan than smile, miserable cow. I feel sorry for her husband. Blah blah blah, rant over!

This post is really long, eek but anyway if you bothered to read it let me know what you think about the Primark goodies I love them and I will probably do a post over the weekend on everything else I bought as I got so much! 

Rozi xo 


  1. those white primark shoes are awesome, they look more like they're from topshop!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. you are absolutely gorgeous xx