Tuesday, 30 October 2012

happy halloween

you will need...
models own;fuzzy peach models own;disco heaven models own;black nail art pen

Understated and me don't really go together, the crazier and more glittery the better! This is my take on pumpkin nails in preparation for tomorrow (I'm not even doing anything but who needs an excuse anyway?!) I think they're quite cute and really easy to do, what do you reckon?

Rozi xo

Monday, 29 October 2012

trip to cologne

Cologne cathedral / K├Âlner Dom

climbed 500 steps to get up here but amazing views!

best meal I've had since being here: veggie lasagne

Lindt chocolate museum

I guess it's not very interesting for everyone to read about what 'tourist' activities I get up to, unless you are planning on visiting Germany of course, but this was basically the first day out that didn't just involve going shopping and getting drunk. We decided to visit Cologne on Saturday as I was so desperate to visit the chocolate museum (even though I'm not supposed to eat it right now because I'm on a lactose free diet) but it really was too good not to. The weather was beautiful as you can see and I haven't even edited these pictures... the sky really was that blue! We climbed to the top of the cathedral which makes up for eating so much chocolate and the views were incredible. We definitely picked the best day to visit as there was barely a cloud in the sky and we could see for miles, amazing!

Hope you all had lovely weekends!

Rozi xo 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

october wish list

october wish list

I know it's nearing the end of October now but I haven't done a wish list in a while and there are just so many things I want at the moment! Unfortunately I don't actually have the money to buy any of these things so for now I will just add them to my never ending Christmas list...

1. I've had my eye on this Zara blazer for a while now, the cut is really flattering and I love the leather sleeves. I've been looking for a cheaper one but the fake leather can sometimes look so plastic and tacky!

2. As an extremely organised person (some might say borderline OCD), it recently came to my attention that in my evenly spaced apart, colour and size ordered wardrobe there is a huge gap... I don't even own a black jumper, how is that possible?! I am an avid fan of Topshop knitwear and already own the pink version to this jumper. Ooh so warm and comfy <3.

3. Topshop nail varnish in panther. I don't really need to say much other than I am a glitterholic, glitteraholic?! Not even a word but who cares.

4. I've been searching for a tartan scarf for a while now and this Topman, yes Topman one came to my attention when I saw it on Emma's blog. It really is a great way to break up an all black outfit which I find myself wearing a lot of recently!

5. Looove this waist belt from Urban Outfitters.

6. Jeffrey Campbell Litas - I'd say it's a marmite situation, you either love em or hate em! Not everyone's cup of tea, in fact probably not many people's cup of tea  but every time I see someone with them on, (admittedly... mainly bloggers) it makes me want them even more. 

7. I genuinely really like this bag, not just because it's a bloody good copy of the Alexander Wang Kirsten satchel, I am just always on a quest to find the perfect black bag. I don't promote replicas in any way, in fact most 'fakes' really get on my nerves but when you don't have the dollar for designer bags then I suppose it's acceptable sometimes, maybe?

Rozi xo

Friday, 26 October 2012

burgundy bobble hat

 hat;New Look faux fur;H&M jacket;Warehouse bag;Spanish market

Ah, so how cute is this hat? If you read my wish list post a few weeks back you would have seen that I was on a quest to find a burgundy bobble hat. After seeing the perfect one on the Zara TRF look book I was determined to get one and spotted this beauty on the New Look website (the flash makes it look a lot more red than it is). It was out of stock so I sent my kind mummy to New Look and they had one left, yay! Plus, it was £4.99 and almost identical to the Topshop version which was way overpriced. Well chuffed!

I'm also now on day 17 of my 30 Day Shred and I have to say it's going well so far. I'm doing it 6 days a week and I can really notice the definition back in my arms! I'm not convinced I've lost any weight or inches around my hips and stomach but that probably isn't helped by the amount of alcohol I drink due to being a student. It is difficult to tell though as I don't have scales or a tape measure here so I haven't been able to record my measurements. If you are thinking about starting the shred I would recommend recording your measurements so you have something to compare to at the end! Please let me know if anyone else is doing it, I would love to know how you're getting on :).

Rozi xo 

ps, sorry about the uninspiring name of this post & being the world's worst photographer I still can't figure out how to use my camera and take full length shots. I'll get there one day!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

the mulberry for me

Ever since I was a kid I've always had expensive taste which is mostly attributable to reading Marie Claire and Vogue since I was about 12 years old. I remember when we used to go on family holidays to Greece and my parents let me buy so many knock off Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags from the markets, letting me think they were real. I still spite them for ever letting me believe they were real but thankfully now at the grand age of 20 I'm able to appreciate the true craftsmanship that goes into making these bags especially the likes of Mulberry. 

I think it's most girls dream to own a designer piece at some point in her life and I know mine is definitely going to be a Mulberry bag. I love the whole 'Britishness' around the brand and even though this bag is definitely going to come with a whopping price tag (probably about 2/3 months rent to most people) I am just holding out hope that with it being my 21st birthday next year I can save enough money to buy this beauty...

After my constant scouring on the Mulberry website and coming across this bag on their blog I think it's the one for me. The 'Willow' tote bag from Mulberry's S/S13 collection is due to be released early next year (already spotted on Kate Moss) and will be available in various colours and sizes, featuring a detachable envelope clutch and gold hardware. Definitely going to be a new classic, pretty genius I think.

Rozi xo 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

models own sale haul

Emerald Black, Red n Black, Red Red Wine, Deep Purple, Purple Pearl

I'm a bit late to the party on the Models Own sale haul post, but I had problems with my order so I had to get them delivered to the UK and ask my kind mummy to post them on to me. I was obviously channeling my inner goth when I made this order as all the colours are really dark! I  have a lot of pastel colours in my nail varnish collection and with winter fast approaching I felt like I needed something a bit more appropriate. Red n Black is my favourite, it looks black in the bottle but when I swatched it, it's totally different. Hard to explain but I'll post photos of it in action soon!

I'm also kind of sad that Models Own have released the wonderland collection so soon as argh it's so pretty, but that would be 10 new polishes in a month! That's even too many by my record so maybe I'll wait until next month! 

Rozi xo

Saturday, 13 October 2012


These are just a few photos from Thursday night when a few of us went out in Dusseldorf. We'd seen a flyer for a fashion show in a club so thought we should check it out. As it happens it was a really strange situation, a tiny catwalk in the basement of this club and I don't really know what it was but we think it was the show for a student's final collection or something similar! Nevertheless it was pretty cool.

Rozi xo 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

woman in black

dress; Gina Tricot jacket; Warehouse snood; ASOS arm cuff; ASOS

This is the first outfit post I've done in ages and I really wanted full length photos but I'm still a novice with the camera so that probably won't be happening anytime soon. I wore these River Island shoes which I love! Apparently the German's don't love them so much as every time I wear them everyone looks at me like I've just walked out of a freak show.

This is like my go to dress whenever I don't have time to think of an outfit or just want something really comfortable to throw on. It's from a shop called Gina Tricot in Dusseldorf, I've never heard of it but apparently it's a pretty big chain in Europe and they stock some really cool stuff. This dress was 19.95€ which is less than £15 so bargain really! It has a dipped hem which is my favourite, an elasticated waist and the cut out detailing at the back. Perfect!

I also started the 30 day shred 4 days ago, OMG. As a regular exerciser and healthy eater I thought that 20 minutes exercise a day would be a walk in the park but I could not have been more wrong. I'm aching all over and I feel exhausted after just 4 days. Those of you that read other blogs have probably seen this DVD cropping up here and there but if you have never heard of it I will explain briefly. It's a 30 day plan, 20 minutes a day, designed by Jillian Michaels and it focuses on strength, cardio and abs. It aims to burn fat and build muscle quickly because you're doing short bursts of interval training, and according to Jillian this is the most effective way to look 'shredded'. If anyone has completed it or is further along than me I would love to know your thoughts!

Rozi xo