Tuesday, 18 September 2012

little ASOS haul

First of all apologies for how close up and blurry these photos are. I'm having serious problems lately managing to actually work my camera but nevertheless these are just a few bits I got from ASOS the other day when I was abusing the 25% student discount! How amazing are the oxblood shoes from River Island?! Argkjgh in love! 

I've managed to book some flights home for this weekend which I'm super happy about. This week at uni has been a huge waste of time, I probably didn't even need to go in for any of it as all of the lectures are for regular students rather than Erasmus! But Thursday and Friday I have nothing anyway so I'm flying home for a few days and can finally be reuninted with my iPhone!

Rozi xo 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

sex and mönchengladbachcity

If it wasn't for these three girls keeping me sane I think I would have already got on a plane back to England by now. I really hate being here for various reasons and I'm not sure if I'll be able to stick it out much longer. I am considering coming back but I don't want to have to start Manchester in the middle of a semester plus I've spent so much money getting out here. 

Friday night we watched Grey's Anatomy which by the way is brilliant, I can't believe I have never seen it before. Watching in German with English subtitles is even more entertaining. Then Saturday we went to Bonn and visited a museum, I had my first Starbucks since being here and then Estelle cooked for us all and we decided to go into Monchengladbach and it was pretty awful to say the least (not up to  much at all compared to Manchester). 

Hopefully tomorrow I will have something more interesting to blog about as I have my ASOS delivery to pick up from the post office.

Hope you have all had a nice weekend! 

Rozi xo 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

l'oreal extraordinary oil

I'm always reluctant to using hair products like this as unfortunately I'm blessed with very fine hair that gets weighted down by products far too easily. I'm always on a quest for volumising hair products and do everything I can to try and avoid making my hair flat and greasy but I was pleasantly surprised by this product.

Admittedly I have never taken care of my hair whatsoever, I dry and straighten on a daily basis, rarely use conditioning treatments and commit the ultimate sin of using harsh dyes to get my hair to the bleach blonde colour that it is. 

So what made me buy this product? The other day I dyed my hair (again) when it really didn't need it and I left the bleach on for far too long. When I washed it out and attempted to dry it I hadn't rinsed the dye off properly and my hair was coming out in clumps and where I had left the bleach on for too long it was like a matted, springy mess that I couldn't even brush through. In a mild state of panic I did everything I could to try and wash my hair again but it just wasn't doing anything. I really thought all of my hair was going to come out. 

Luckily, one of the French girls I live with introduced me to this product and said I could borrow it to try and fix the state of my hair. I really would trust any beauty products that the French use, as let's face it they have some of the best beauty brands and products in the world.

I slathered this onto my hair before I went to bed and to my surprise it did not make it greasy at all! I carried on putting it on throughout the day and although I made a real fuck up of dyeing it this has significantly improved the condition already after a few days of using it. Not only is my hair soft and silky again it's non greasy and has improved the condition of my hair massively. My split ends and frizz look 10x better and hopefully if I carry on using it my hair can begin to repair itself to get my long length back again. 

I went out and bought my own bottle straight away and I got the one for coloured hair but I think there is another version for all hair types. 

If you have any doubts about this product I really would recommend it especially if you have fine hair as it doesn't weigh it down at all. Definitely worth the money!

Let me know your thoughts on this product!

Rozi xo 

Monday, 10 September 2012

c'est la vie

So this weekend has had its highs and its lows. 

On Saturday myself and 3 of the other girls living here ventured into Dusseldorf which is just gorgeous, I didn't realise it was so big and it really reminded me of Paris and the Champs-Elysees! The shops are incredible and one H&M we went in was 3 floors of womenswear and there was also whole H&M devoted to lingerie and accessories which I've never seen before! Because it's been so hot in Germany this weekend the whole place was buzzing and we sat right on the Rhine and drank wine and ate cake which was so nice and then we headed to the 'main strip' which is full of outdoor pubs and I can safely say I have never seen anything like it, it was incredible. Unfortunately we didn't really have time to do much else so we will definitely be going back every weekend to shop and explore!

Sunday was perhaps even better, we went to an outdoor music thing called Kiesgrube which has AMAZING line ups and only happens when it's sunny, so we were so lucky for the heat yesterday. It's basically a fake beach and some grass in the middle of an industrial estate and was just such a chilled out beautiful day. Obviously I had planned to blog about this and I took so many photos on my iPhone which I really wanted to share. Unfortunately... my iPhone went walkies yesterday :( wah so I'm phoneless and lost all the pictures, which is even more of a nightmare because I'm not in the UK to sort it. C'est la vie. (thank god for insurance)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! 

Rozi xo 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

glorious aquarius

Imagine Boots or Superdrug but 10x cheaper, and that's what you get when you go to the drogeriemarkt (dm for short) in Germany. This chain stocks everything from John Frieda to Essie to Garnier and Maybelline. You name it, they probably have it. I went in on the off chance for some nail varnish remover and ended up coming out with these goodies. It is so cheap I'm still in shock now. John Frieda products that you would perhaps pay £7-£8 for in the UK are as cheap as 4.95€ which is under £4! Most of the makeup brands Loreal, Maybelline etc are similar prices to the UK but this suncream which retails for around £16 in the UK cost me 3.95€ which is just completely mental! Anybody agree?!

The nail polishes are by a brand called Essence, I'm thinking that it's a German or 'dm' own brand as I have never heard of or seen them anywhere else, but OMG I am in love. At 1.55 each I couldn't be happier, the colours are great and the consistency is so good considering the price. I was literally tempted to buy every single glitter in the collection but then reminded myself that the Mirrorball collection by Models Own is due to be released soon. 

The photo reallyyy doesn't do this blue glitter any justice it's called 'glorious aquarius' and I layered it on top of Models Own 'feeling blue'. It looks so similar to Ibiza Mix but it definitely is turquoise rather than silver! I've added two coats and they really are so blue and sparkly I'm in love.

On another note, pleassee can everybody go to the Models Own Facebook page and like like like away as when they get to a huge 100,000 likes they are going to hold a 50% off sale which would just be great for all of us, dontcha think?!

Rozi xo

Monday, 3 September 2012

diamonds and pearls

How beautiful is this collar? Possibly my new most favourite thing. I love anything completely blingy and OTT so when I saw this in the window display of H&M I was cheered up no end. I know, I've only been here 5 minutes and I'm spending money I actually don't have, but it's beautiful and was a complete steal!

My neighbour moved in next door and she's French and gorgeous and is completely fluent in French, German and English which I think reiterates how ignorant us Brits really are. Hopefully by the time I leave here I will be fluent in at least German!

Rozi xo

ps. got my nose pierced and it really hurts because I'm super ill and keep having to blow it

Saturday, 1 September 2012


If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me going on about Germany rather a lot. That's because I've packed up my bags and moved to Monchengladbach which is located North Rhine-Westphalia (about half an hour away from Dusseldorf). Everyone reckons I'm crazy but I'm here now, no going back! I'm here until July 2013 as part of the Erasmus programme through Manchester Uni which basically means I'm studying for 9 months at a University here doing the same sort of topics that I do at home. My year abroad counts as 10% of my final degree and then next year I go back to Manchester to complete my final year. Part of my grade is a project I have to undertake - basically documenting my journey and creating a report of my time abroad. Hence me posting about all of this on here! I'm going to try and log everything on my blog (as well as continuing with fashion & other bits and bobs) so from now on there may be lots of posts about food, scenery and general German life!

So anyway, this is my room ^^ (obviously), it's actually massive and I even have my own fridge and I've made a little tea station! The bed is seriously weird, it's practically on the floor with a fold down thingy to make a sofa. ALL of the sheets over here are polyester (shiny, slippy and a complete nightmare), my quilt is constantly sliding off but I guess that's something I will get used to! 

When I arrived the room was completely bare, I had to buy absolutely everything for it and I've spent a small fortune. Considering I only started learning German a few weeks ago I'm pretty happy I've managed to negotiate buses to shops, find everything I need and make it sort of homey. 

I have loads of wardrobe space which is brilliant, managed to fill all of it - I'm not quite sure how I managed to bring SO much stuff from home, considering I came by plane but I don't travel lightly so no surprises there.

Overall I am really happy with this room, I pay absolute peanuts for it and only share the bathroom with one other person who I'm yet to meet. Praying it's a girl as I cannot cope with boy mess. 

The food situation is stressing me out a bit, I'm not fussy but everything is meat, meat and more meat. Genuinely wondering how there are enough animals in the world to cope with the demand for it. I only really eat chicken, no red meat apart from the occasional burger so I'm going to be preeetty hungry. 

Anyway, I've talked for far too long - hopefully my posts will be fairly interesting for you all.

Rozi xo 

ps. I am dying for teabags (Germans don't drink tea), crumpets & marmite - so if you're feeling nice and want to send some this way hollaaa and I'll send you my address