Tuesday, 10 July 2012

brit calling

Brit Calling.
shirt - REDROCK
knitted bobble hat - Jigsaw
limited edition dry shampoo - Batiste
rucksack - Grafea
friendship bracelet - Mulberry
wellies - Hunter
coat - Barbour
lips in brighton rock - Topshop
brit wellie socks - Hunter
dungarees - Topshop

When I received an email this morning from the team at REDROCK to take part in a blogger competition I was over the moon for a few reasons:
a) people are actually aware of my blog
b) I have to style an outfit which is an excuse for plenty of virtual shopping
c) It was an excuse to sit in bed all night eating galaxy and drinking tea while I created my entry

The competition was for new fashion bloggers to take an item from the brand and show how we would style it, see here. REDROCK make and create their clothing in the UK so I thought there was no better way to style my chosen item (studded collar shirt) than to continue riding on the wave of Britishness encompassing the UK at the moment. With festival season upon us and British brands more prominent than ever thanks to K Mid, the Jubilee and the Olympics, I have chosen a few bits from great British brands that are perfect for muddy fields everywhere.

For those of you that know me I LOVE studs, and pink is a favourite of mine so naturally I was drawn to this shirt from REDROCK. I came across these dungarees randomly on Topshop looking for something else and although I would never normally have chosen them there's something about 'festival fashion' that would make me want to wear them and they would look great layered over this shirt! I think the Hunter's and the Barbour go without saying, there's nothing more quintessentially British than these classic brands and everything else, well - just has festival written all over it! 

Hope you like it!

Rozi xo 


  1. I love wellies! No-one is Adelaide is wearing them this winter (we're well behind the trends) apart from what feels like, only me, but I love them. Perfect way to keep my feet dry!

    Great outfit! I wish I could get galaxey chocolate over here too!


    1. Aw no way! I guess you guys don't get as much snow as us though the weather over here constantly requires wellies it's rubbish! I can't believe you don't get galaxy it's so good :(! xo

  2. love that backpack! xx


  3. very good mix.
    ive seen some of your posts and you have amazing style !! im already following you!

  4. Love the outfit your styled! Aswell as that models hair!