Saturday, 30 June 2012

last day in the office

dress; Zara bag; Zara watch; Michael Kors 

Once again, apologies for the rubbish photos, I took these on my macbook (as a pose to my iPhone last time), but hopefully next outfit post I will have a proper camera sorted! I love this dress but since buying it in February I haven't really had the chance to wear it much due to the weather being so rubbish. I am a little bit sceptical about wearing yellow, it's hard to pull off and being very pale and blonde it's even harder but I love it. I wore this yesterday on my last day of work experience at Sainsbury's in their clothing head office. I've been there for a few weeks working alongside the buyers on the ladies casual wovens department and absolutely loved it, I was so sad to leave but hopefully I'm going to go back for another few weeks before heading off to Germany! I also managed to get two bottles of rose as a leaving present - win!

Rozi xo 

Monday, 25 June 2012

stud love

stud love.
blouse; Zara skull and spike necklace; ASOS leopard tshirt; Topshop lipstick; Topshop dip dye jumper; Topshop clutch; Zara boots; Jeffrey Campbell 

As you can probably tell from this, I can't get enough of studs at the moment. Throw some leopard print and skulls into the mix and it's a winner! All of these things are on my wish list; no.1 being the Jeffrey Campbell's. I've had my eye on these for a while now but having just moved back from uni and massive overdrafts to pay, unfortunately these babies will have to wait.I absolutely love the ombre effect jumper from Topshop and I know it would go perfectly with my disco pants, similarly to the Zara blouse which I have wanted for sooo long!The skull print tee is pretty affordable at £25 and the necklace is half price in the sale on ASOS so I think it would be rude not to really. The bag and lipstick don't really need much explanation, I just like them. 

I guess all I need now is to win the lottery!

Rozi xo

Saturday, 23 June 2012

this is me

After religiously reading various blogs over the past couple of years I've decided that now is the perfect time for me to create one. I've wanted a blog for so long but with uni and work being in the way I've never had the time for it!

Now, with it being the summer holibobs (I've got 2 and a bit months to fill) I figured this is the right time. I'm moving to Germany in September to study for a year and I kinda wanted a blog to be up and running by the time I leave so I can document my adventures and use it as part of the portfolio I need to create for university. I study management and marketing of fashion textiles (huge mouthful, I know) and have just finished my second year. 

I'm no fashion or beauty expert but I'm always buying new things and this blog will hopefully see a lot of that. I intend to post about my adventures over summer, and Germany, (when I get there obviously) & all things fashion and beauty related!

Rozi xo