Sunday, 29 July 2012

spain, buh bye

It's currently 5.10am and we're sat in wetherspoons waiting to board the plane, wahoo! I've just polished off a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich followed by half of my brother's fry up because I'm a fat bitch. I love it how the rules of holiday make it acceptable to order alcohol at this time with your breakfast. Was tempted by a Malibu to kick start the holiday but opted for tea instead, there's so many people drinking wine- not quite sure I could manage wine at this unearthly hour!

I'm also desperately trying not to go into duty free, I've already had to walk past MAC, REN and Benefit once and I know it will be fatal if I end up there.

Anyway, off to Almeria in Spain for a week so see you all next Sunday!

Rozi xo

ps, as I was writing this and wandering around I've managed to spend £17 on some Victoria's Secret body mist - oops.

Friday, 27 July 2012

holiday beauty haul

Today I went on a bit of a crazy beauty spending spree. I'm one of those people that no matter how many products I have (10x more than the average person) I still insist on buying everything new for holiday! If you're going away you may as well do it properly right?! I also get so sucked in on 3 for 2 offers even if I know I only need one thing I buy 3 anyway, naturally spending way more money than necessary.

So from left to right I have miniature travel bottles from Primark, Nivea pearl & beauty roll on deodorant, Loreal dermo-expertise eye makeup remover, John Frieda sheer blonde spray, John Frieda mini full repair shampoo and conditioner, Mark Hill turn up the heat protection spray, Mark Hill anti humidity spray, Mark Hill holiday hair cover up protection spray, Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo, St Moriz fake tan dark, No 7 face wipes, Garnier golden protect SPF 30, Garnier gel cream peach and finally Soap & Glory daily smooth body lotion, mini righteous butter, mini scrub em and leave em body buff and a full size breakfast scrub.

Looking at this it's no wonder my suitcase is always so heavy, I definitely don't travel lightly! 

When it comes to buying things I rarely pay full price for anything, I'm such a savvy shopper it's ridiculous. I always shop around for the best offers and use my NUS card wherever I can. I don't think I paid the right price for any of this. All the miniatures were 3 for 2 in boots, I used a £5 off No 7 voucher for the face wipes, making them £2 instead of £7 (who in their right mind would pay £7 for face wipes?!) The dry shampoo and the Garnier body lotion were half price in Superdrug and everything Soap & Glory was 3 for 2 in boots. Oh and the fake tan was £2.99 so I can't complain at that! Plus 3 for £10 on John Frieda in Asda. It really does pay to shop around and get the most you can for your pennies!

I got these miniature travel bottles in Primark last week and they are going to come in so useful for all future holidays!  The set includes 3 100ml bottles, 3 small pots, labels and even a funnel so that you don't spill anything when filling the bottles up. Plus, everything comes in a clear case which is perfect for transporting toiletries in your hand luggage. For a measly £1 I couldn't be more impressed! Spot on. 

Holiday hair is a nightmare - I think everyone will agree. Having to wash your hair every day, exposing it to so much sea and sun, and trying to dry it in ridiculous heats usually results in a big static frizz ball which by no mean feat is ideal for anybody. Mark Hill has so many brilliant products in his range and I chose these 3 to hopefully help me out when I go away. The first is an anti humidity spray which claims to banish frizz and add shine, the next is a sun protection spray which stops your hair drying out from the sun and you can use it on your scalp and parting to prevent burning (nothing worse than burning your parting and looking like you have dandruff when it starts to flake), and the last is just a heat defence to use for blowdrying and straightening. The packaging is probably what drew me in at first, so summery and I love miniatures I think they're cute. 

Just doing a quick review on this because it's one of the best hair products I've used in a while. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray promises to lighten and brighten hair for a natural looking blonder blonde within 3-5 uses and I have to say it really does work. It is recommended that you spray it on wet hair before blow drying and styling because the more heat that's applied the better the end results are. I use it all over to brighten and if my roots are looking a bit drab I give them a quick spritz with this too and I have noticed the difference! It retails for £7 but like I said Asda have an amazing offer on John Frieda at the moment so if you buy 3 you're effectively saving yourself £11. 

Anyways, I have definitely talked far too much and bought way too many things again so time to stop rambling. If you want to know what any of the other products are like I've used most of them before so let me know and I'll happily give you my opinion.

Rozi xo 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

stars and stripes

 vest;Topshop shorts(really old); Topshop necklace;Urban Outfitters
First of all apologies for how extra blurry and awful these photos are today compared to normal. I have finally got my hands on a canon 35od but I can't really use it for my blog until I have a tripod, and I can't get one of those until I'm in Germany because I don't know how I'll get it there. Anyway..

Today has been one of those days where I've kind of pottered about not really knowing what to do with  myself. When all of your friends have full time jobs and those that don't have no money and are in masses of student debt, (myself included) it's hard trying to organise something that we can do together. In this weather I just want to sit outside and drink pimms all day but obviously that comes at some cost and I can't really be getting drunk before work.

My general routine is kind of gym in the morning, mill around for a bit and then go to work in the evening but for some reason today I'm just BORED and I'm not going to work for another 3 hours, shoot me. I'm going on holiday on Sunday and have tons of stuff to sort out for Germany so I could start packing and get myself organised but I can't be bothered for that now so I'll continue being bored and moaning about it :).

I'm also aware I desperately need to choose a new font for my blog title, it's currently just the standard one that came with the layout and is so uninspiring and quite frankly crap. I just have no idea how I want it, any suggestions are welcome!

This is what I'm wearing today, just incase there is the possibility I leave the house before I have to go to work (probably not). 

Rozi xo

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

lost in your love

vest;ASOS shorts;Topshop sandals;Primark 

I wasn't going to blog today because the weather is so lush and I'm trying to avoid sitting at my computer, but the fail of an outfit post I attempted last night has lead me to this one today. So here we are, this is what I wore today! I've spent the whole afternoon sat in the garden nattering away with an old friend which was lovely and had my first ice lolly of the year, yay! AND I've finally managed to wear my Topshop satorial lipstick (above) which looks amazing and tastes really fruity. I would definitely recommend Topshop lipsticks to anyone who is considering buying one. 

Keeping it short and sweet today back off to enjoy the sunshine! Hope you're all enjoying the weather as much as I am. 

Rozi xo
ps, if you can get yourself to Costa to try an orange & raspberry cooler I would seriously recommend - had one yesterday and it was delicious!

Friday, 20 July 2012

and it was all yellow

 dress;Topshop belt;River Island clutch;Primark shoes;ASOS 

raspberry mojito <3

This is what I wore last night when I went out for 'a few' drinks with the girls. I ended up gettting completely smashed, had to be put in a taxi home about 11pm and woke up this morning fully dressed - shoes, watch, everything. Clearly responsible drinking isn't in my vocabulary, but nevertheless from what I remember I had a good time! I suppose a night is never going to end well when you drink a bottle of rose in 45 minutes followed by cocktails, oops. Luckily I am blessed with fairly good genes when it comes to hangovers so fortunately I'm feeling okay this morning! 

I've had this dress for a few months now but it's been lurking in the back of my wardrobe because I haven't really been anywhere to wear it, hopefully I'll get a wear out of it when I'm on holiday next week too! As you might have figured I'm wearing my new essie polish bikini so teeny, see here. It's not as sparkly as it looks in the bottle but still really pretty! I feel like it's such a waste though as I've got to take it off again for work tonight.  

In other news I had my hair cut for the first time since January this week. My friend cut it for me thankfully, so she barely took anything off the length it just feels 10 inches shorter! I can't face going to the hairdressers as they always take far too much off! I know it's unhealthy but my hair was getting so long and I'm determined to grow it past my boobies. I also made a tidy profit of £150 on eBay selling all my unwanted clothes, I'm determined to get rid off everything I don't need before I leave for Germany - I'm such a hoarder!

Hope you all have a nice weekend, a little bird told me the weather's supposed to be looking up (let's try not to speak to soon)...

Rozi xo 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

knitwear lust

Knitwear Lust
Topshop, Markus Lupfer, Topshop, Glamorous, Zoe Karssen, Topshop

With the weather being so drab I figured it was only appropriate to put together a little wish list of my favourite knitwear. I love a good jumper paired with leggings and at the moment I'm practically living in my disco pants with different jumpers. I've always been an A/W girl when it comes to fashion and I would much rather layer up in cosy knits and faux fur than having to find outfits for summer. Obviously I much prefer the sun (who doesn't?!), but when it comes to choosing outfits Autumn wins hands down. The jumper on the top right sort of inspired this post as I spied it in Topshop the other day and the studded jumper from Glamorous I've had my eye on for a while, want want want! I also might buy the Topshop number on the bottom right, I've never liked cut out shoulders but for some reason I'm really drawn to this - maybe it's the sparkle! 


Rozi xo 

Saturday, 14 July 2012


 vest;Topshop skirt;Zara collar;Primark boots;River Island lips;Topshop 'Tease' 
So first of all I would like to apologise if my paleness is offending anybody right now, because it's definitely hurting my eyes looking at those ghostly white legs! I can promise, as a regular faketanaholic, I never go out in public with legs that pale, I did actually have tights on today I just couldn't photograph the skirt wearing tights as you couldn't really see it. 

Anyway, today was another trip back to Birmingham to pick up the Zara shirt I ordered last week and I finally got it and absolutely love it, eek (will do a post shortly)! Mum and I literally ran into Birmingham, grabbed lunch at Costa, got the shirt and came home again because I had to go to work this evening. Of course there was time for a cheeky trip into Topshop where I was good and only picked up this lipstick (the one I'm wearing). It's called Tease and it's kind of a shocking barbie pink. I've heard so many good things about Topshop lipstick so I thought it would be rude not to - I bought Satorial last week which I haven't had a chance to use yet. I kind of want the sun to come out before I start parading around in orange lipstick! 

On another note, if you take a look at my Instagram to the right, you will see a picture of some gigantic biscuits which were in Costa today, I was genuinely amazed (as you can tell I'm easily pleased, especially when it comes to cake). They were in aid of 'being British' and I have to say Costa have got it spot on with their cake selection this year. The Costa in Birmingham is like going to a cake shop, I didn't get a giant biscuit, wasn't sure if I could handle it but I did get a rhubarb and custard muffin which was amazing! Enough talk of cakes, hope you all have a nice weekend!

Rozi xo 
ps, if any of you are interested I have a few bits going on my eBay which end tomorrow (Saturday)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

brit calling

Brit Calling.
shirt - REDROCK
knitted bobble hat - Jigsaw
limited edition dry shampoo - Batiste
rucksack - Grafea
friendship bracelet - Mulberry
wellies - Hunter
coat - Barbour
lips in brighton rock - Topshop
brit wellie socks - Hunter
dungarees - Topshop

When I received an email this morning from the team at REDROCK to take part in a blogger competition I was over the moon for a few reasons:
a) people are actually aware of my blog
b) I have to style an outfit which is an excuse for plenty of virtual shopping
c) It was an excuse to sit in bed all night eating galaxy and drinking tea while I created my entry

The competition was for new fashion bloggers to take an item from the brand and show how we would style it, see here. REDROCK make and create their clothing in the UK so I thought there was no better way to style my chosen item (studded collar shirt) than to continue riding on the wave of Britishness encompassing the UK at the moment. With festival season upon us and British brands more prominent than ever thanks to K Mid, the Jubilee and the Olympics, I have chosen a few bits from great British brands that are perfect for muddy fields everywhere.

For those of you that know me I LOVE studs, and pink is a favourite of mine so naturally I was drawn to this shirt from REDROCK. I came across these dungarees randomly on Topshop looking for something else and although I would never normally have chosen them there's something about 'festival fashion' that would make me want to wear them and they would look great layered over this shirt! I think the Hunter's and the Barbour go without saying, there's nothing more quintessentially British than these classic brands and everything else, well - just has festival written all over it! 

Hope you like it!

Rozi xo 

Monday, 9 July 2012

essie summer collection: bikini so teeny

If you read my post the other day or follow me on instagram - @rozijones, you will have seen that this little collection arrived on my doorstep after my day out shopping in Birmingham. Having read so many reviews on Essie polishes and having never tried them myself, when I came across the Bikini So Teeny Mini Collection on ASOS, I figured it was the perfect time to try them! If you're anything like me and constantly changing your nails, this is a great way to try new colours instead of forking out for a full size bottle of a polish you will probably only use a couple of times anyway. 

The name of the collection drew me in and it's actually the name of the sparkly blue polish, although that one is probably the least 'summery' of them all. The miniature set contains 4 5ml polishes and according to the Essie website can be described as 'bikini so teeny' - a sparkling cornflower blue, 'mojito madness' - a fun loving, lime green, 'off the shoulder' - a bold hot pink and 'fear or desire' - a bright orange crush. Because of my job at the moment I can't actually paint my nails :( so I haven't been able to test (apart from on my tootsies) so I'm just reviewing from what I can see in the bottles.

Bikini So Teeny - like I said earlier, probably the least summery of the whole collection but nevertheless such a pretty colour! It's a pale blue and when you look really close you can see tiny shimmering particles, it's not really like anything I've ever come across before - I can't wait to try it. 
Mojito Madness - green polish is something I would never usually go for so I'm glad this was included in the mini collection! Because I can't paint my nails I have coated my toes in this and it's just a really nice summer colour and quite unusual. The formula seems really good after just one coat it was looking pretty opaque and not patchy at all. I did 2 coats and finished them off with my Models Own top coat, they're looking pretty good for green (I would post a photo if it wasn't my toes, some people freak out at toes). 
Off The Shoulder - I love nothing more than a hot pink nail varnish and this is just perfect! Need I say more?
Fear Or Desire - I've tried a few Nails Inc and Models Own orange polishes before but this one is a lot brighter, summery perfection in a bottle. I can't wait to use this on my holiday!
I would definitely recommend this collection especially as the drab weather has probably left us all in need of a serious pick me up and these colours will hopefully do just that.

Rozi xo 

Saturday, 7 July 2012


top;Topshop cardigan;H&M discopants; American Apparel necklace;New Look

bits and bobs from Primark (tags are still on sorry was in a rush!)

Apologies in advance for the mega long post, I've had a mega long day!

Yep, the disco pants are out again - I know! They're the only thing I actually want to wear with the weather being so horrible! I am SO fed up of this torrential rain, it feels like it's never ending. 

I wore this today on a bit of a spontaneous shopping trip to the Bullring in Birmingham with mummy bear. It wasn't completely spontaneous, I'd actually ordered a shirt to be delivered to Zara and hoped it was there to pick up today but unfortunately it wasn't which means I'm going to have to trek all the way to Birmingham again next week to pick it up. Annoying, but nevertheless we had a really nice day wandering around! 

I feel like a complete pig, as you can probably see from my Instagram.. We stopped at M&S mid morning for tea and scones and then went to Pizza Express for lunch where I had wine and a dessert and then popped into Starbucks just before getting on the train. I do feel it's kind of justified though as I got my exam results through yesterday and got 76% in the exam I was most worried about failing and an average of 67% for second year, yippee!

I also treated myself to a few bits (obviously), and managed to spend loads of money in Topshop and Primark. I was actually pretty shocked though at the lack of summer stuff around, H&M had virtually no swimwear or sandals and neither did anywhere else for that matter which I find odd as we're only in the first week of July and people still have holidays to go on?! But anyway, I've attached just a quick snapshot of what I picked up in Primark as I love the bag (it's got studs on <3) and I absolutely love the white sandals with the perspex strip and the tassels on the back, they look way more Topshop than Primark and they were £6 instead of a tenner, such a bargain! I also got my first Topshop lipstick in Satorial which I can't wait to try as I've heard such rave reviews about their lipstick, being a bit of a MAC snob when it comes to lipstick hopefully it will live up to my expectations. 

I then returned home to a package on the doorstep containing the Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' mini collection which I can't wait to use and will definitely blog about it when I get round to using it! Because of my job I can't wear nail polish so I might not be using it until my holiday but the colours are amazing and will be perfect for a week in sunny Spain! 

Anyway just a final note on my stressful evening at work, I've just about had it with customers who moan about everything and anything just to really get one up on you. Tonight, I had a woman clearly with a serious case PMS (who even moaned about the carpets being too spongy), who sat and took the piss out of myself and the other girl I was working with (behind our backs) to the point where the tables around her told us how malicious she was being about us and congratulated us for keeping a smile and not telling her to F off. Seriously, why do people feel the need to moan about everything? Surely it takes more effort to moan than smile, miserable cow. I feel sorry for her husband. Blah blah blah, rant over!

This post is really long, eek but anyway if you bothered to read it let me know what you think about the Primark goodies I love them and I will probably do a post over the weekend on everything else I bought as I got so much! 

Rozi xo 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

dip dye

jumper;ASOS discopants;American Apparel watch;Michael Kors earrings;Topshop socks;Topshop

If the weather where you are is anything like it is here, then it's most likely that you are cold and miserable like I am and just want to crawl back into bed at every opportunity. I really can't cope with being cold and these torrential downpours every five minutes are making me want to get into my onesie and drink a never ending supply of tea. Who would have thought it's July?! I should be in the garden, not sat at my desk in a jumper and slippers... thankfully I am jetting off to Spain in 25 days to at least get a bit of sun this summer (hopefully)!

Anyway, enough moaning, I'm off to the pub for dinner this evening with two of my best friends from school who I rarely see anymore which will be nice so thought I'd do a quick outfit post before I go. Never would have thought I'd be in knitwear, disco pants and socks at this time of year but hey ho!

Rozi xo
ps. sorry about rubbish photo booth photos (again!)

Monday, 2 July 2012

markus lupfer s/s13

Images taken from Vogue

Just doing a quick post about this collection because I absolutely love it. I don't know what it is I adore so much about it; maybe the clean, simple cuts or the quirky knitwear, or the fact that there are a lot of sequins and purple lamé involved, (or maybe because I got a re-tweet off the designer himself - which is pretty cool)! It's just one of my favourite S/S13 collections out of everything I've seen so far. I've been a fan of Lupfer's designs ever since the Markus Lupfer for Topshop collaboration a few years ago but sadly I don't own anything yet (queue the violins). Hopefully one day I'll get my hands on one of these gorgeous sequined cashmere jumpers though! Anyway these are a just a few of my favourite looks and you can find the rest of them here.

Rozi xo