Monday, 9 July 2012

essie summer collection: bikini so teeny

If you read my post the other day or follow me on instagram - @rozijones, you will have seen that this little collection arrived on my doorstep after my day out shopping in Birmingham. Having read so many reviews on Essie polishes and having never tried them myself, when I came across the Bikini So Teeny Mini Collection on ASOS, I figured it was the perfect time to try them! If you're anything like me and constantly changing your nails, this is a great way to try new colours instead of forking out for a full size bottle of a polish you will probably only use a couple of times anyway. 

The name of the collection drew me in and it's actually the name of the sparkly blue polish, although that one is probably the least 'summery' of them all. The miniature set contains 4 5ml polishes and according to the Essie website can be described as 'bikini so teeny' - a sparkling cornflower blue, 'mojito madness' - a fun loving, lime green, 'off the shoulder' - a bold hot pink and 'fear or desire' - a bright orange crush. Because of my job at the moment I can't actually paint my nails :( so I haven't been able to test (apart from on my tootsies) so I'm just reviewing from what I can see in the bottles.

Bikini So Teeny - like I said earlier, probably the least summery of the whole collection but nevertheless such a pretty colour! It's a pale blue and when you look really close you can see tiny shimmering particles, it's not really like anything I've ever come across before - I can't wait to try it. 
Mojito Madness - green polish is something I would never usually go for so I'm glad this was included in the mini collection! Because I can't paint my nails I have coated my toes in this and it's just a really nice summer colour and quite unusual. The formula seems really good after just one coat it was looking pretty opaque and not patchy at all. I did 2 coats and finished them off with my Models Own top coat, they're looking pretty good for green (I would post a photo if it wasn't my toes, some people freak out at toes). 
Off The Shoulder - I love nothing more than a hot pink nail varnish and this is just perfect! Need I say more?
Fear Or Desire - I've tried a few Nails Inc and Models Own orange polishes before but this one is a lot brighter, summery perfection in a bottle. I can't wait to use this on my holiday!
I would definitely recommend this collection especially as the drab weather has probably left us all in need of a serious pick me up and these colours will hopefully do just that.

Rozi xo 


  1. These colours look lovely, I'm so going to have to borrow them :p haha <3

  2. such a collection of delightful colours! I love that blue, so so pretty :))
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. I have bikini so teeny on right now and I love it :)