Tuesday, 11 September 2012

l'oreal extraordinary oil

I'm always reluctant to using hair products like this as unfortunately I'm blessed with very fine hair that gets weighted down by products far too easily. I'm always on a quest for volumising hair products and do everything I can to try and avoid making my hair flat and greasy but I was pleasantly surprised by this product.

Admittedly I have never taken care of my hair whatsoever, I dry and straighten on a daily basis, rarely use conditioning treatments and commit the ultimate sin of using harsh dyes to get my hair to the bleach blonde colour that it is. 

So what made me buy this product? The other day I dyed my hair (again) when it really didn't need it and I left the bleach on for far too long. When I washed it out and attempted to dry it I hadn't rinsed the dye off properly and my hair was coming out in clumps and where I had left the bleach on for too long it was like a matted, springy mess that I couldn't even brush through. In a mild state of panic I did everything I could to try and wash my hair again but it just wasn't doing anything. I really thought all of my hair was going to come out. 

Luckily, one of the French girls I live with introduced me to this product and said I could borrow it to try and fix the state of my hair. I really would trust any beauty products that the French use, as let's face it they have some of the best beauty brands and products in the world.

I slathered this onto my hair before I went to bed and to my surprise it did not make it greasy at all! I carried on putting it on throughout the day and although I made a real fuck up of dyeing it this has significantly improved the condition already after a few days of using it. Not only is my hair soft and silky again it's non greasy and has improved the condition of my hair massively. My split ends and frizz look 10x better and hopefully if I carry on using it my hair can begin to repair itself to get my long length back again. 

I went out and bought my own bottle straight away and I got the one for coloured hair but I think there is another version for all hair types. 

If you have any doubts about this product I really would recommend it especially if you have fine hair as it doesn't weigh it down at all. Definitely worth the money!

Let me know your thoughts on this product!

Rozi xo 


  1. I've got a indola hair oil that I just haven't tried yet, I was worried about it making my hair greasy but I think I might try it now! :) This one sounds devine!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

    1. I tried this over night to start with so that if it was too disastrous I could just wash it out in the morning but it was completely fine! I also use it before blowdrying, makes a huge difference! Xo

  2. I was in Boots yesterday debating whether to get this, as I have fine hair too, so I'm definitely going to get this now you said it doesn't weigh your hair down! thanks


    1. Yeah it is really good, try it on wet hair before blowdrying it too! Xxx

  3. ohh that looks goood! I need one too!

    Jenny / Rocknrollerr.com

  4. Rozi you're killing me!!! After two years I leave you alone and you do this to yourself ahhhhh take care hunny I don't want you back bold! xx