Wednesday, 5 September 2012

glorious aquarius

Imagine Boots or Superdrug but 10x cheaper, and that's what you get when you go to the drogeriemarkt (dm for short) in Germany. This chain stocks everything from John Frieda to Essie to Garnier and Maybelline. You name it, they probably have it. I went in on the off chance for some nail varnish remover and ended up coming out with these goodies. It is so cheap I'm still in shock now. John Frieda products that you would perhaps pay £7-£8 for in the UK are as cheap as 4.95€ which is under £4! Most of the makeup brands Loreal, Maybelline etc are similar prices to the UK but this suncream which retails for around £16 in the UK cost me 3.95€ which is just completely mental! Anybody agree?!

The nail polishes are by a brand called Essence, I'm thinking that it's a German or 'dm' own brand as I have never heard of or seen them anywhere else, but OMG I am in love. At 1.55 each I couldn't be happier, the colours are great and the consistency is so good considering the price. I was literally tempted to buy every single glitter in the collection but then reminded myself that the Mirrorball collection by Models Own is due to be released soon. 

The photo reallyyy doesn't do this blue glitter any justice it's called 'glorious aquarius' and I layered it on top of Models Own 'feeling blue'. It looks so similar to Ibiza Mix but it definitely is turquoise rather than silver! I've added two coats and they really are so blue and sparkly I'm in love.

On another note, pleassee can everybody go to the Models Own Facebook page and like like like away as when they get to a huge 100,000 likes they are going to hold a 50% off sale which would just be great for all of us, dontcha think?!

Rozi xo


  1. I agree with Eda, the nails are fab.

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  3. Cute blog!
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  4. Oh wow, I ADORE quality beauty products for less! My wallet is definitely a lot happier, haha. I'm really digging that glittery baby blue polish on you--such an awesome and eye-catching pop of color! Incidentally, I'm pretty much in love with any and all Rimmel nail polishes (those flat brushes are ridiculously easy to apply and thus makes me happy).


  5. Wow, your nails look so cool!


  6. love the nails!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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