Saturday, 1 September 2012


If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me going on about Germany rather a lot. That's because I've packed up my bags and moved to Monchengladbach which is located North Rhine-Westphalia (about half an hour away from Dusseldorf). Everyone reckons I'm crazy but I'm here now, no going back! I'm here until July 2013 as part of the Erasmus programme through Manchester Uni which basically means I'm studying for 9 months at a University here doing the same sort of topics that I do at home. My year abroad counts as 10% of my final degree and then next year I go back to Manchester to complete my final year. Part of my grade is a project I have to undertake - basically documenting my journey and creating a report of my time abroad. Hence me posting about all of this on here! I'm going to try and log everything on my blog (as well as continuing with fashion & other bits and bobs) so from now on there may be lots of posts about food, scenery and general German life!

So anyway, this is my room ^^ (obviously), it's actually massive and I even have my own fridge and I've made a little tea station! The bed is seriously weird, it's practically on the floor with a fold down thingy to make a sofa. ALL of the sheets over here are polyester (shiny, slippy and a complete nightmare), my quilt is constantly sliding off but I guess that's something I will get used to! 

When I arrived the room was completely bare, I had to buy absolutely everything for it and I've spent a small fortune. Considering I only started learning German a few weeks ago I'm pretty happy I've managed to negotiate buses to shops, find everything I need and make it sort of homey. 

I have loads of wardrobe space which is brilliant, managed to fill all of it - I'm not quite sure how I managed to bring SO much stuff from home, considering I came by plane but I don't travel lightly so no surprises there.

Overall I am really happy with this room, I pay absolute peanuts for it and only share the bathroom with one other person who I'm yet to meet. Praying it's a girl as I cannot cope with boy mess. 

The food situation is stressing me out a bit, I'm not fussy but everything is meat, meat and more meat. Genuinely wondering how there are enough animals in the world to cope with the demand for it. I only really eat chicken, no red meat apart from the occasional burger so I'm going to be preeetty hungry. 

Anyway, I've talked for far too long - hopefully my posts will be fairly interesting for you all.

Rozi xo 

ps. I am dying for teabags (Germans don't drink tea), crumpets & marmite - so if you're feeling nice and want to send some this way hollaaa and I'll send you my address


  1. Really nice blog- just followed! Please check out ours and hopefully follow back :-)

  2. Hey, glad you have settled in, room looks great. Happy to send you anything you need. I dont think you arte mad, I think its amazing. One very proud dad!

  3. Oh wow, sounds like such an amazing opportunity, and you've made your room quite homely already - fingers crossed you don't end up sharing a bathroom with a boy, haha.
    And good luck finding something other than meat to eat! xx

  4. Wow scary but exciting, I wish I had the nerve to do something like this! Enjoy every minute of it :) xx

  5. Ooh sounds very exciting! Your room looks lovely, everything is so organised and neat - wish I could keep mine like that haha xx

  6. That's so exciting! Looks like a nice room too. I love how you've made a little sofa-bed :) x

  7. this is such a well organised room , lovely , and good luck with the erasmus , im due to do it next year and im sooo scared looooool xoxo