Monday, 8 October 2012

winter's coming

winter's coming
1. H&M 2. River Island 3. H&M 4. River Island 5. H&M 6. Topshop 7. ASOS 8. Accessorize 9. River Island

Today I finally decided to get my act together and pay some attention to my blog which has been pretty neglected for the past 3 weeks. This wish list was completely inspired by a hat which I spotted on the Zara TRF September lookbook. Annoyingly it hasn't been available to buy which is so frustrating when you want something so much. Why put it in the lookbook and then not have it for sale? Strange, non?

Anyway, since then my want for a burgundy bobble hat has gone a bit crazy and I've been searching everywhere for the perfect one! I love winter accessories so much and I would buy all of these if I could afford to. I especially love when lurex yarns are used to make everything a little bit sparkly!

I've always thought hats looked a bit stupid on me but the burgundy Topshop one on the right is perfect! Unfortunately it's £14 which is way overpriced and it's also out of stock now :(. I definitely want to buy the H&M cable hat in the middle though the chunky knit is perfect!

Rozi xo 


  1. I realllyyyy want a burgundy hat! Great picks xx

    1. Ah me tooo, so bad! It's the most impossible colour to find! xo

  2. have an obsession with hats atm, love the burgandy and cream ones :) xx

  3. Great selection of winter warmers! This gets me all excited for Winter and Christmas just looking at it! I can't wait to go snugglies shopping :)

  4. I love winter warmers, everything looks so cozy! Especially the chunky knit beanies :)

    Lana, xo