Sunday, 4 November 2012

winter care

 Balea Cleansing Milk; Alverde Apricot Face Scrub; Balea Indian Chai Body Scrub; Dove Intensive Nourishment Hand Cream; Garnier Intensive Skin Smoothing Cream; L'Oreal Anti Breakage Hair Tips Concentrate; L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil 

So it's November already, I can't quite believe it and that means just over a month until I fly home for Christmas. I'm so excited! It also means it's getting colder outside and it's time to step it up a notch on the beauty regime. I've been well overdue some much needed pampering but with my favourite go to brand for pampering Soap & Glory being very difficult to find and horrendously expensive in Germany, I've neglected my skin a little bit recently!

When I'd finally had enough of my dry skin and broken hair  I took a little trip to 'dm' to stock up on some drugstore exfoliating and nourishing products to make sure I'm radiant and glowing in time for Christmas.

The dm own brand 'balea' products smell delicious, the apricot facial scrub reminds me of the St Ives products in the UK and the indian chai body exfoliator also smells amazing!

I don't know why but I was always so reluctant to using hand cream as I thought they used to make my hands really greasy, making it impossible to do anything! Well anyway I was wrong and I've only been using this Dove one for a few days and my hands are soft already!

Next is just a basic intensive moisturiser from Garnier. I didn't want anything too fancy or heavily perfumed I just wanted something that will really moisturise and keep my skin soft and supple. I couldn't find this exact product in the UK but I'm sure there are similar alternatives.

I was only introduced to hair oils a month ago and I have to say I wish someone had bought them to my attention sooner. The L'Oreal anti breakage hair tips concentrate is a life saving product. You apply one pump to the end of your hair as often as you need it to strengthen and protect the hair tips and to reduce the look of split ends. This really is a miracle product for anyone wishing to grow their hair long but  having dry split ends which make it look unhealthy and in need of a cut! My hair looks so sleek and shiny after using this but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be sold anywhere in the UK. 

Finally, I'm now on my second bottle of the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil. I posted about it here and you have probably seen the adverts for it on the TV. It really is a miracle product and does exactly what it says it will. I use the version for coloured hair but there is also one available for all hair types. 

What are your favourite winter skin care products? I'd love to hear your recommendations :). 

Rozi xo 


  1. I really want to try the L'oreal oils... they seems really good and a lot of people say that they are so good. My hair is pretty dry so it will definately help with the winter weather :)

    1. Yeah they are brilliant! You should check out my original post as I was so surprised that they don't weigh your hair down either! xxx

  2. Elvital? Ha, didn't realise they had so many different names for Elvive, I bought mine in Brazil and it's called Elseve!
    I have been enjoying using the Extraordinary Oil, I've never seen the anti breakage one though and that soundslike just what I need at the moment!
    Mel x

    1. Haha I know it's crazy, talk about trying to confuse people! Yeah it seems like they only sell it here in Germany - I can't even find it on the internet but it costs about €5 so it's a real bargain! xxx